I was so excited when she said yes and I finally got to read it!!! Veel meer uitweiden over dit verhaal ga ik niet doen. The cover is what makes us pick it up in the first place. Kindle Edition , Revised Edition. Found it really short. Captivated is a story full of suspense, romance and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This book was even better than the first. I was so excited when she said yes and I finally got to read it!!! He smiled a fake smile to ease the situation. No trivia or quizzes yet. Time for the amazon gift card giveaway!!! Not flawless, but personalities of their own, for us the reader to enjoy and envisage. But as quiet and dangerous as Dean is, he has a soft spot where Mindy is concerned.

Oh and can I add Dean and Mindy are one of my favorite couples now? Angela Gerard rated it liked it Jan 10, Her personality the absolute opposite of Dean, but saying that their magnetic connection was defiantly sending sparks throughout this read.

I was so annoyed b Ugh!! It says there is going to be an extended version of Defiance released soon. This book was even better than the first. So, there will be two giveaways going on.


Defiance (An Affliction Novel #3) by E.M. Jade

It reminds me of the one that Karen Marie Moning had in Dreamfever. Dean tilted his chin up and smiled. For starters — I eeb I am in love with a fictional character!! The kind that will make your jaw drop and sets up book two perfectly. And every other noise that surrounds you slowly fades away into absolute silence.

I kept waiting for it to change, but it never did. The action was intense and lightning quick.

Does anyone know where I can get this book? I was pulling my hair out for most of hook book! Here is a nice little touch to this giveaway They were childhood friends until Dean’s parents are murdered and he turns his back on everyone.

Raven author of CAPTIVATED, An Affliction Novel!!!!

He saves her, covers her up and leaves before she comes to. There were moments where things began to pick up again, but they just didn’t xpodaca too long.

I was hardbroken to find at the end that the next book in the series isn’t due out til may. I really recommend this book to anyone who loves Young Adult books!!!!


I don’t even know what to say. So i think if you love vamps but found twilight a shit you’ll probably love this.


After that everything changed. When we hit 3, likes, there will be a drawing for these lovely book protectors!

Then those magical eyes start to look away. A new school year has started for Mindy and she has 33 to terms with the fact that, her once best friend, Dean is no longer apart of her life.

Also why did this seem to start around the time that Shane, the new kid, showed up? Plenty of action and great characters. Now his aim is to keep his secrets and keep Mindy safe.


I’m not going to say any more about this subject. The dog started snarling.

You feel every emotion felt by every character. Wednesday, December 12, I have dbe know what happens!! Time for the amazon gift card giveaway!!! Markus decides to confide in her and tells her, that after Dean killed them Mindy cannot get her’s to focus on anything.