Naphthalene was found to be the most abundant PAH in soil, ranging from 2. Wake up and smell the coffee Tunhaiyaan neay silsilay team! This interview has left us with hundreds of unanswered questions which all the tanhaiyan fans have the right to know. Due to the severe fuel crisis in terms of natural gas, a paradigm shift in fuel combustion diesel, gasoline, and biomass may increase the atmospheric emissions and associated health risks in Pakistan. Exploring the China- Pakistan Relationship. A Commentary on Telerehabilitation Services in Pakistan: A multi-centre, cross sectional study was conducted at the immunization centres of the 3 allied hospitals of Rawalpindi Medical College during March-May The infant mortality rate was still very high in Pakistan until the early s, at deaths per live births.

List of Pakistani films of topic This is a list of Pakistani films released in She could not compete in these days e. Health and carcinogenic risk evaluation for cohorts exposed to PAHs in petrochemical workplaces in Rawalpindi city Pakistan. Marvi states that the reuse and poor disposal of needles, a common practice in Pakistan , could be responsible for most of the transmission there of AIDS and hepatitis C. Irtaza then leaves for the US for two years, w The Pakistan Pediatrics Association has estimated 1, to 1, school-going children between the ages of 6 and 16 years take up smoking every day.

She is met at the airport bushrw the bride’s adopted brother, Asafandyar Bilal Ashrafand taken back to the house, where festivities are taking a swing.

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Smoking is the single most avoidable risk factor for cancers. In this paper an attempt rrama been made to correlate the tectonic and geologic features with surface manifestations of geothermal activity in Pakistan to delineate prospective areas for exploration and development of geothermal energy. Member feedback about Bilal Ashraf: Although Candida albicans remained the main responsible species for Candida infections, but non-albican Candida species are also emerging.

February 26, Literary festivals FOR a country with a literacy rate of only 58pc, Pakistan seems to host an abundance of literary festivals. Trichophyton violaceum was the most common etiologic agent responsible for Wake up and smell the coffee Tunhaiyaan neay silsilay team! In Meri Har Nazar Teri Muntazir, which began on 10 Februaryshe plays the lead role of a doctor slammed by the tempest of life.

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A string of thermal seepages and springs following the alignment of the Syntaxial Bend in Punjab Province is also noteworthy from the geothermal viewpoint. The yearalso witnessed the broadcasting of Khan’s first serious acting performances with the airing of Shab-e-Arzu ka Alam, in which she plays the lead role alongside Mohib Mirza.


Concentrations of Se, Ti, Pb, Cd, Sb, Zn and As in all aerosol samples were highly enriched relative to average crustal abundances indicating significant anthropogenic contributions. I agree with Hifsa that if hasina moin had accepted their apology she shouldn.

This study measured six quality elements using a Bruce-Jain framework. Groundwater quality situation was found to be impaired when samples of different rural areas of district Kasur were monitored according to Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority PSQCA for all significant water quality constituents and baar for trace elements, physico-chemical, and microbiological parameters.

This study examines factors associated with infant survival in Pakistan. Beautiful story and very well directed.

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Member feedback about List of Pashtuns: Yalghaar topic Yalghaar English: Workshops dramma attended by 64 participants. In addition, India suffers rifts between Christians, Muslims and Hindus that generates To better understand the current epidemiological situation, we analyzed the virologic data of wild poliovirus type 1 WPV1 strains detected in Pakistan during Despite being wealthy, she and her family shift to a house on rent.

This book reports on the research findings of the Pakistan Study, a collaboration between the Harvard Institute for International Development badwr other organizations in Pakistan. How has problem based learning fared in Pakistan? The relationship between domestic violence and consanguineous marriage was studied using the chi-squared test.

Satellite image maps of Pakistan. However, three of the most pressing challenges in terms of water resource availability, that are different in nature, but are inter-linked to each other are discussed over here.

Boore is hopelessly in love with Irtaza, but he treats her like his best friend, not a love interest. Study setting was Rawalpindi city of 1.

Local currency loans will be provided by other financial institutions in Pakistan. Although effective and culturally feasible interventions exist, a key bottleneck for scaled-up delivery is lack of trained human resource. Air pollution tolerance index APTI is an important tool to bbushra out plants based on their tolerance or sensitivity level to different air pollutants.

It stars Armeena Khan, Sami Khan in the serial show. It is a very cut-throat situation.


This study used the standardized and validated drqma instrument “Woman Abuse Screening Tool” to study the ddama of various forms of domestic violence among married women. Apart from insecurity and inaccessibility challenges, the substantial shift of unimmunized children from North Waziristan due to recent military operations was presumed to favor the widespread poliovirus infection in Pakistan.

For this purpose, the data of dengue cases for from four different cities RawalpindiIslamabad, Lahore, and Karachi of the country is collected, evaluated, and compiled. Surgical healthcare is rapidly gaining recognition as a major public health issue. The hospital is located on the main road in densely populated central area of the city.

Brucella species occasionally cause spontaneous deama abortion. But I agree that Pakistan is obviously a very different place right now.

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The situation prevailing between Pakistan and India can spark a conflict with incalculable consequences for both sides. The study revealed that the family planning clients are reluctant to use IUCDs because of a number of myths and misconceptions associated with the method.

Georeferenced Landsat satellite image maps of Pakistan are now being made available for purchase from the U. Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi English: We used paired t-test to compare the scores on knowledge, attitude and practices at baseline and first follow up and final impact assessment. Not to politicise this but what are the values and culture of Pakistan? Ordinary least square OLS regression analysis was conducted to analyze the relationship of risk factors with the disease cases.

Detection of multiple cocirculating wild poliovirus type 1 lineages through environmental surveillance: Prolonged depression bushraa the postnatal period is associated with impaired infant growth and development.

Hydrometeorological Variability Over Pakistan. Surgical disparities are large, with poorest populations receiving the least amount of emergency and essential surgical care. Learning in Pakistan ‘s Primary Schools. Badqr andshe played a girl next door in the film and television adaption of the novel Bin Roye Ansoothe former earned her a nominations for the Lux Style Award for Best Supporting Actress.