So, how did this guy come to know it? Being reborn just means new and more evolved body. Itachi explains that Kabuto is much like Itachi used to be, reckless and selfish. The greater the sorrow of Uchiha, the deeper the darkness and greater the ocular prowess. Protecting his friends was the most important goal for him. Sound doesn’t harm Kabuto as he transforms into liquid and thus absorbs the vibrations.

Realizing that he may again kill an unarmed girl, like he did Rin, Kakashi controlled his hand and merely pushed Yukimi to the ground. Lord Third, promised to Kushina, that he would take good care of Naruto. Suddenly, Yukimi noticed great many more trees that were planted and started crying. Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode and attacks Tobi, causing both Kakashi and Guy to look on, stunned but Tobi later emerges from the blast, unharmed. After this turn of events, Nagato finally turns to Obito, who witnessed the entire meeting. The five Tailed Beasts make a collaborative Tailed Beast Ball, which Naruto matches with one of his own, sending the attacks into the sky. The best way to attack the all-powerful is in close combat, searching for openings when it is materialised and vulnerable. Guy then followed up face to face hitting Tobi left and right.

Guy then followed up face to face hitting Tobi left and right. Special announcements were made, inauguration ceremony kicked off.

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The mask gets compromised in one of snippuden attacks and we find out, who it is behind this mask. As reports come into HQ of Naruto’s part in turning the tides of the narutonone back in their favor, Tsunade smugly gestures to A who solemnly dismisses her.

It’s time for this Kamui to work. As his body reforms, Itachi called out to Sasuke as he threw his sword at Kabuto, only for the snake sage to block and then counter. That is if Obito could move. Later in a hideout, Nagato confessed to Konan, that he was scared of his powers.


Watch Naruto Shippuden episode with us right here on TailedFox today. Choosing for him, Yahiko runs himself into Nagato’s kunai, killing himself, leaving Nagato and Konan devastated. Izanami and Izanagi – Naruto Shippuden Review.

Watch with us Naruto Shippuden right here on TailedFox today! Meanwhile, Itachi continues his search for Kabuto, as Sasuke detects the latter.

Naruto Episodes, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece and other Anime

Kakashi was ready for it and pinned the boy down with his Chidori. Mist created by Mist jutsu was to hide them all temporarily. Hundred of Allied Forces jump into the hole ready to die in attempt to kill the unmatched opponent the Ten Tails.

I am the only Medic Ninja that will fight’. Though he admits that he was supposed to kill any survivor, reminding the child of his lack of individuality due to Root, Orochimaru instead offers Kabuto a shppuden as his right hand with the promise of true identity of his very own. Five Kage fell to the ground. How Kinoe left the Foundation – Naruto Shippuden review.

Naruto Shippuden Summary. This activated the marks and Sasuke continued with reversal of sealing jutsu to unseal the curse mark in the process called Evil Release. Kurama is always with him and Octopops with Eight Tails are ready as well. Silently observing all that transpires, Kurama recalls Naruto’s past achievements by his willingness to never give up and accepts that if Naruto truly wishes to help the Tailed-Beasts from the bottom of his heart, then as he always has, his actions would speak far louder than his words.

No alarms were raised since the Leaf had a standing peace treaty with the Stone village. After another explosion, the Hokage found himself running towards the seashore hoping to take the fight away from the village’s land. Check out this preview!


Yahiko took them in as comrades and asked them to find another village that suffers as much as this Hidden Rain village. The true power of Sharingan can only be unleashed with both eyes and Obito hoped that when he finds Kakashi, he would be able to defend him and Rin against the enemy with the second Sharingan. After verification they too handed over their scroll, but Guy sensed there was naeuto wrong and he kicked the scroll away. A slew of kunai were sent towards Eight Tails and when these hit their target, a chains attached to their end connect the Eight Tails to Tobi.

Itachi quickly signed his Susano’o and grabbed onto four snakes at the same time. Realizing that he may again kill an unarmed girl, like he did Rin, Kakashi controlled his hand and merely pushed Yukimi to the ground.

Young Shinobi, like Kakashi, or Guy, were asked to shippuuden away. A huge hand of Ten Tails swept its enemies like ants. Rin was safe and Obito was proud. Sasuke did walk in when both parents were already dead, but he knew who killed them as Itachi was still standing over them with his bokken bloody. He sat on top of one of Mist ninjas only to punch his head to a pulp.

They were all acting as shinobi from Hidden Stone to obstruct the peace proceedings the elderly of Stone and Leaf were conducting. With Izanami activated, and Kabuto trapped within its infinite loop, Sasuke uses this time to question his brother about the technique.