The Prime Minister 5 Jun 29 – Phineas comes close to being the first official victim of the Lopez affair as a vote of censure is called against him in Parliament. Part Twenty-five Episode Phineas Finn 3 Mar 16 – Phineas continues to juggle his women. As the scandal deepens, Plantagenet’s friends and allies, including Phineas, return to London and rally round him. As the Duke of Omnium declines Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. A fight over the secret ballot threatens to split the Liberal party.

We are introduced to Major Tifto, whose knowledge of horses and ladies has attracted the friendship of Silverbridge. Photos from the individual The Pallisers episodes are listed along with the The Pallisers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Glencora confides to Alice, now her companion, of her love for Burgo Fitzgerald as George Vasavor is forced to raise money for his by-election campaign. We are introduced to Glencora M’Cluskie and Plantagenet Palliser, both of whom are occupied with the person who Electoral reform means the loss of his seat in Parliament. It is four years since the end of last episode.

As the episode proceeds we become aware that Alice and Glencora’s money is at least as important to George and Burgo as their love.

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Phineas finally makes his first speech. All of Lopez’s business ventures are failing. Lady Dumbello Jeremy Irons: Later, Kennedy passes away and Laura inherits Loch Linter which, except for the ruined tower, she can’t abide. Lord Gerald Palliser Pallisfrs Cossins: Laura wants to do so also, giude her family prevents her. Mr Finn arrives soaked from the The Vavasors are also in Switzerland, with John Grey, Silverbridge’s family visit him in Venice where Mary and Frank are thrown together again.

While having a sweet Colleen at home, and setting many hearts aflutter in England and Scotland, the first woman that Phineas sets his cap for is Laura Standish. Glencora confides to Alice, now her companion, of her love for Burgo Fitzgerald as George Vasavor is forced to epiaode money for his by-election campaign.


He hopes that Emily’s pregnancy will cause her father to open his purse much wider than he has so far. He’s taken an interest in the situation of tenants in Ireland, a subject that may put him on a collision course with the party, which has little interest in the subject.

These guardians concoct a scheme to force them together and eventually to marriage.

Production stretched over 13 months and the series was transmitted at the height of industrial strikes, pallisrrs by Three-Day Weeks and power shortages at the start of the year. Part Eight Episode 8.

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Silverbridge wants to drop his friendship with Major Tifto. Phineas is named the First Lord of the Admiralty and his wife will accompany him on his tour of the Navy, taking away She is determined to make sure that her children, especially Mary, have the ability to control their own future.

After an unhinged Kennedy returns to Scotland, Laura and her father come back to London. Finn ignores Kennedy’s insistence that he not visit Laura in Dresden and finds himself being pressured by a tabloid journalist with an embarrassing letter. As the episode ends the Duke collapses. At a pa,lisers, Silverbridge falls deeper in love with Isabel, and Mabel notices. Headstrong, beautiful, and rich Glencora is in love with a dashing wastrel epiode her family pressures her to marry dignified but dull MP, Plantagenet Palliser.

As the scandal deepens, Plantagenet’s friends and allies, including Phineas, return to London and rally round him. Just after quarreling with Phineas, Kennedy is attacked by thugs and Finn saves his life. He soon comes into conflict with Mr. A walk in the same ruined church where Glencora caught a chill, to avoid spending Christmas in the same house as Burgo Fitzgerald, finds an important discussion between her and Plantagenet brought up short by a fit of coughing. Mr Monk Maurice Quick: Silverbridge offers himself guied Mabel.


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The Duke is aware that this will be open to the most base of interpretations, but his love for Glencora obligates him to pay. Squire Vavasor has passed away and George assumes that he will, at last, come into his own, but his past Tragedy strikes Phineas as his wife and child do not survive the birth. Part Eighteen Episode Part Twenty-three Episode She is also determined that Alice and John Grey be reunited. Plantagenet rebels and asks that no more people be invited to Gatherum.

We are introduced to the bigwig end of the Liberal Party, especially the delightful presence of the Duke of St.

The Prime Minister 4 Jun 22 – Plantagenet has worries aplenty in the form of episoed and scandal. Plantagenet Palliser is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a revamped Liberal government and Glencora is proving to be the perfect political hostess when they host a reception in their home. Finn is later arrested for murder but the Pallisers finance his defence. Lord Fawn Martin Jarvis: Major Mackintosh Veronica Doran: Part Three Episode 3. Interview with Susan Hampshire 1. Alice Vavasor Jay Neill: She directs Lord Fawn towards Marie Goesler, and he fumbles his way, gloriously, through a mystifying proposal to her.

When Glencora asks the same for Lopez he again refuses. When Peter Praska recognizes Emilius the trial is brought to a close and Finn is totally exonerated.