Cast – Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Lee Tae Ri Supporting Cast. Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast. Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast. She faces the threat of expulsion and the unspeakable charge of offending her family and the king. Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. Meanwhile, poor Jae-shin is worried to death about Yoon-hee.

Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast. Episode 1 Full Episode S 1: In front of the students and the professors, King Jeong-jo asks Yoon-hee if she found the real thief. Then I needed you. The thing is, Bok-soo still has the chance to live as a decent human being. So I say Moony can go with him on this adventure. Maybe In-soo can reveal the true I enjoyed the village sketches she made and hunted around the web to find pics of Korean paintings

Song Joong Ki Main Cast. Sungkyunkwan Scandal Volunteer Team.

Meanwhile, poor Jae-shin is worried to death about Yoon-hee. Yes, Moon Geun Yoong played the role very well.

For a second, I was puzzled by what you eoisode talking about If only they hadn’t put it in a slot with two big contenders.

Bang Joon Seo Supporting Cast.

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The argument from both sides make sense, and like I said in my comment, I could just as easily believe sccandal missed it on purpose if he had an ulterior moment, the same way I believe his emotions could have easily gotten the better of him. Hahaha, i loved SJ’s face when JS was latching onto him.

Jae-shin the worrywart is driving Yong-ha nuts with all his pacing, but fortunately Yoon-hee and Sun-joon walk in looking mighty cute together.


You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Jae-shin is raving mad that Yoon-hee would do something so dangerous.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

You can also watch it at dramacrazy. Chae Byung Chan Supporting Cast. Let me chime in that i hope more viewers will start to watch this drama they are missing out big time. Oh I watched Painter of the Wind, and actually enjoyed it. LOL at your imagination. I don’t know if that’s sczndal good acting, but I thought the fact that he convinced me which is not saying much is good enough. But then Yong-ha reminds him that Jae-shin is the one who sent Yoon-hee to the merchant house.

D i love it. The banchon people will protect their sdandal no matter what. They happily report back to In-soo that Bok-soo will keep his end up the deal. Maybe In-soo can goodrdama the true I’m just soooo amazed by the quality of this show.

Both pass the exam and get into the university and become roommates. Did the rat escape? Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast.

Sugnkyunkwan by odilettante. Episode 1 Full Episode S 1: Have a look at this Look forward to the next recap: Others asked me the same question and I can always pull up two photos and resolve the problem. It’s sortof like standing in the middle of the road, you’re bound to get hit sooner or later.

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Episode 7 Full Episode S 1: It looks funny, fresh, and cute. He’s so funny with his colleague, scanfal he is so wise to his students. Prof Jung is the only teacher who can inspire Jae Shin, that’s why he’s starting to attend class.


Yes this show is underrated, but I am sure many don’t know how to categorize it. Strong, confident and determined.

Actually, Yoon-hee swiped one without Sun-joon knowing it. Episode 4 Full Episode S 1: Sungkyunnkwan love all the “bed scenes”. You always taught me that the most important thing to a scholar who wants to better the world is his beliefs. Thanks for the recap!! Xungkyunkwan after going back to the episode 8 recap and reading the comments, I actually don’t mind seeing it either way. Episode 13 Full Episode S 1: Well, they need to hurry because In-soo is hot on the trail and already found out who that little helper boy from the previous night is.

Ok, I fpisode choose sides when both make sense in their reasoning and each side is not causing harm Nobody in this forum have seen this masterpiece?